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Consulting Packages Would you like to know what your work associates believe would improve your organization if you could eliminate something or add something to your administrative or operational infrastructure? Do you envision an onsite or offsite retreat with your key players to get at the heart and soul of growing your enterprise? Our online tools allow you to hear anonymously what your employees are willing to safely share in the name of expeditious growth. Or perhaps you prefer a customized team building program that offers individual and team feedback collected and shared in a compelling yet safe manner, bringing your team together for a common cause – your mission and vision. We customize to your needs. Read more.

Personalized Leadership Development Program

Our leadership training program is personalized and tailored to your unique needs and goals, and thus class size is typically restricted to an enrollment of less than 10 participants who are seeking to enhance their credibility, visibility, and presence in addition to enhancing their abilities to value, grow, motivate, and inspire their employees/associates/family members. This entails optimizing your personality or delivery system because if certain others who are important in your life are not responding in a positive manner to your style of communicating, you are already experiencing a leadership and/or personal crisis. People whom you wish to retain in both your professional and personal life have a need to feel valued and supported as unique and special contributors.
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Self Awareness Workshop

The Self-Awareness Workshop is an intensive two and a half-day leadership training program available in weekend and weekday formats. This program is based on the concept that self-awareness is the key to a happy life and to a quiet kind of powerful leadership. Again, you must first learn how to master and lead yourself before you can lead others.
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