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Our Logo as a Symbol of the Change Process

Circles are one of the oldest symbols used in language. Drawing upon various ancient symbols involving multiple circles, we designed a company logo that embraces the essence of our mission as it relates to the change process necessary in creating a kinder, gentler world, no doubt the by-product of bringing forth the very best in leadership and life. And that does include creating and growing an enviable profit.

The outer circle represents completeness in that there is no beginning nor end, and no divisions. The inner symbol is composed of overlapping circles that symbolize opposing worlds and forces, and may be interpreted as the benevolence of Spirit seeking expression in the midst of the mundane forces of Matter. Regarding this latter force, we invite you to picture how your reaction to stressors can sabotage an otherwise optimal outcome. Our logo therefore shows spirit surpassing matter, thus offering both hope and encouragement through the change process.

At The Leadership Trust®, we strive to have the two worlds of how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us come together in a clear understanding that promotes the necessary motivation to change. Only then can you self-create an authentic leadership style that is inseparable to life success. Only then do you get to relish who you really are at the seat of your soul.

We judge ourselves by our intentions. Others judge us by our behavior. We don't see our behavior; others don't see our intentions. -Anonymous

The Leadership Trust History

The Leadership Trust® was founded by the late Dr. Jim Farr and Dr. Holly Latty-Mann, both internationally recognized experts in leadership and self-awareness development and training. Although they had co-facilitated numerous Self-Awareness Workshops during and prior to 1999, Jim Farr co-facilitated their first five-day program in year 2000 through their partnership with the Wake Forest Babcock Graduate School of Management. The week before their second five-day workshop, Dr. Farr died suddenly but peacefully in his sleep (June 13, 2000). The Babcock administrators were encouraged by all of the participants to go ahead with the program, yet in the middle of this historical 5-day program, a limo was brought in to take Dr. Latty-Mann to Fellowship Presbyterian Church in Greensboro, NC to deliver her eulogy for her co-founder and friend. Upon completion of this program and many others thereafter, The Leadership Trust® maintained a 100% rate of all participants describing this workshop as the best workshop ever experienced in their career for both professional and personal improvement. Those rates remain between 98% and 99% to this day.

In 1998 The Leadership Trust® began operating as a nonprofit membership association established to build and organize leaders and promote leadership as a profession. Through the nonprofit Leadership Trust®, leadership as a profession was to receive attention, training, support, guidance and social oversight through a professional body of leaders dedicated to the quality and ethics of leadership and its practice. Remaining strong in its dedication to the quality and ethics of leadership and its practice, The Leadership Trust® changed its status to a for-profit (January, 2003) at the encouragement of its advisory board members. Within weeks of this historical move, The Leadership Trust® also moved its headquarters from Greensboro to Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

The Leadership Trust® continues to operate as a for-profit organization established to train leaders through a highly personalized, self-awareness focus. Because of the one-on-one engagement involved, the workshops are typically limited to less than ten attendees. This helps explain the unusually high ratings workshop graduates consistently give toward their leadership training experience.

Most notably the personal gains are beyond the usual scope of leadership programs in general, with participants reporting life-altering experiences such as eliminating a lifelong history of excessive anger, nail-biting, prescription psychotropic usage, stuttering, chronic asthma attacks, back pain, headaches and writer's block. This underscores the trend we are currently seeing across prestigious medical centers who are espousing holistic, integrative medicine. It also embraces the latest quantum physics findings reported by the Wall Street Journal since 2004.

Dr. James Farr

Dr. James Farr

James Farr, a psychologist who pioneered the thriving leadership consulting and training industry, died peacefully in his sleep at home in Greensboro, NC on June 13, 2000. In the late 1960s, Jim Farr signed on as the initial founding director of the Center for Creative Leadership. Dr. Farr left the Center in 1972 to devote himself full-time to his company, but not before helping lay the groundwork for the Center's rise in national prominence in leadership studies and training. The founder of Farr Associates, a management consulting firm, Jim Farr spent his career studying what it takes to be an effective leader and sharing his findings through books and workshops. Dr. Farr more recently was the co-founding president of The Leadership Trust® with his appointed co-founding vice-president, Dr. Holly Latty-Mann. He also served as Executive Professor of Leadership at the Babcock Graduate School of Management at Wake Forest University. Upon the death of Jim Farr, this title was bestowed upon his business partner, Holly Latty-Mann, in view of the quality she brought to their leadership training offered through their Institute of Executive Excellence.