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The Leadership Trust, Inc., Leadership Development, Durham, NC

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Unparalleled Leadership Training and Development

With a history of partnerships that include Duke's Fuqua School of Business and Wake Forest Babcock Graduate School of Management, this tuition-guaranteed, results-driven, self-awareness-based training offers the highest rated emotional intelligence training for both professional and personal development throughout the United States.

The unparalleled success of The Leadership Trust®, as defined by our clients' definition of success, is derived from bridging theory and practicality and has evolved from years of workshops with thousands of executives representing diverse backgrounds and industries while using multiple processes and numerous specializations including ethics, emotional intelligence, human systems, performance management, communication / conflict resolution, social psychology and personality theories, 360+ feedback and self awareness, all of which are leveraged as powerful tools in each workshop.

We earn credibility by living up to our motto, Impacting Relationships to Impact Bottom Line, and we are thus driven to exceed your expectations regarding talent training and development, workforce intervention and talent engagement and retention. We welcome invitations to address senior management teams regarding your return on investment (ROI).

Our Mission

Trust. We are in the business of trust, and our mission is to engender trust wherever you have people working towards a common, trustworthy goal: a) Trust amongst all management/non-management team members, b) trust to accelerate team collaboration, c) trust to enhance the creation and marketing of product innovation, and d) trust for inevitable company growth. Exuding trust must extend well beyond your company walls and throughout your market to ensure you gain repeat business without any unnecessary or intended harm to any and all stakeholders affected by your enterprise.

Promoting trust on any level plays a respective role in promoting world trust, peace, and prosperity. As such, the ultimate value of your company is contingent upon these two trust issues: 1) the degree to which you can trust “them” with your ideas, your data, your money, your reputation, and your future, and 2) the degree to which "they" can trust you with the same.

Our commitment is to support your own mission, and that entails the creation of a culture of trust-based leadership across your entire organization such that it extends to your entire client base and community-at-large. We guarantee our work with you because we are committed to earn your trust. We are The Leadership Trust®.

Our Leadership Approach

The Leadership Trust® does not rely on techniques in the transformation process. We instead rely on an approach that creates a deep fundamental change within each person such that any technique that person may learn later in life will more likely work. Otherwise, you are driving a technique through a faulty human system [e.g., by-products of (sub)conscious fear of failure / fear of rejection] and can end up appearing 'scripted' to others. Read more. Go

Executive Testimonials/Ratings

After each workshop, we ask our participants to compare our workshops to other professional development programs they have attended. 98% of participants have rated our programs as the best leadership development and personal improvement program that they have ever attended throughout their career. The remaining 2% described the workshop as one of the top three ever attended. Read more. Go

Our Leadership Blog Dr. Holly Latty Mann

Check out Dr. Latty-Mann's Leadership Blog here. Go

Leadership Programs

Co-founders (the late Dr. James N. "Jim" Farr and Dr. Holly Latty-Mann) are internationally recognized experts in self-awareness based leadership. Their integrative, holistic approach used in honing one's interpersonal relationship dynamics explain our graduates' success in their own words (see our testimonials). Jim, who was initial founding director of the Center for Creative Leadership and their director for their first four years, designed with Holly the following programs, but it was Holly who applied a versatile language and format to ensure success for participants spanning several generations. Read more. Go