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Our Graduates' Description of Their Workshop Environment

The following verbatim quotes come from our program graduates to describe their experience of their workshop environment into which they have entered. This affords you a sense of what we have created to support your change process and obtain your sought-after success as you would define it.

"Non-threatening atmosphere, non-judgmental attitude and behavior..."

"Each format was strategically placed to raise the probability of having a life-changing experience"

"I have never experienced such an environment that can provide the stimulus to change and grow"

"The open, safe environment combined with an insightful flow of experiential, right-brained... along with the academic practical business application"

"Camaraderie and friendships built amongst the team"

"You can't learn certain skills until you have mastered certain others. There is a necessary progression. In that vein...everything was necessary to gain what I was here to gain"

"[Until this workshop] I had never felt taken by the hand and being led to the 'fountain of truth'"

"The camaraderie of the team participants who direct and encourage and teach the learning process under the facilitator's leadership"

"The natural flow of the different components"

"The experiential components were simply powerful and extremely instrumental to my self-awareness and self-understanding."

"Processes allow [you] to get at root cause"

"Getting in alignment with my worth, and taking off those things that have devalued me in the past"

"Unusually safe environment"

"What I found especially beneficial in this unique feedback approach that the Trust uses was the positive atmosphere they created to give negative feedback. I was able to hear it without feeling defensive or criticized. As a manager of over 5,000 people, I had 360° feedbacks done in the past, but this was the first time I really heard what was being said."


Path in a park
Personlized Leadership Development Program™


The Schedule and Workshop Agenda

Our weekday leadership training program is offered Monday through Friday. Please see the Schedule for specific dates when our executive training program is offered

Typical Agenda

Day 1

10 am - 5 pm
7pm - 11:30pm

Leadership Workshop/ 360+ Feedback Process/
Self-Awareness Workshop - The Mindset

Day 2

9:30am - 6pm

Self-Awareness Workshop / Experiential and Didactic /
Evening Activity / Assignment Afterwards

Day 3

9:30am - 6pm

Self-Awareness Workshop/
Evening Assignment

Day 4

9 am - 5 pm
Starts 7 pm

Leadership Workshop/ Two Assessment Results/
Evening Assignment (Experiential Component)

Day 5

9 am - 4 pm

Leadership Workshop/ Finalizing the Personalized Leadership Action Plan (4-week accountability process follows)

Who Attends

Because those who attend represent a broad diversity of reasons, this leadership training program has to be and is highly personalized. We limit the number of participants to typically less than ten attendees who have expressed interest in either leadership development, leadership intervention or both (examples to distinguish which category). Attendees typically:

Are being groomed for more advanced leadership positions (e.g., succession planning / promotions) and thus require an intensive management leadership training experience.

Represent those executives who value training while you highly value them, and you therefore wish to retain them by offering opportunities for professional development.

Are seeking to enhance their credibility, visibility and presence in addition to enhancing their abilities to value, grow, motivate and inspire their employees/associates/family members. Their focus in on creating greater trust, cohesion, and collaboration.

Represent those executives who are highly valued for their industry savvy/technological knowledge yet have received mixed reviews regarding the strength of their interpersonal relationship dynamics or soft skills.

May be experiencing morale and/or attrition problems within his or her area due to ineffectual human systems skills/people skills and thus seek to enhance their emotional intelligence. One measure of lowered morale is productivity/revenue slippage.

Note. Some people attend this leadership training program for purely personal development. It is not unusual for a graduate to send his or her spouse or partner to a later program.

Whether you are already highly valued and effective, or struggling with some communication or leadership issues, our leadership development program is designed to meet you where you are and take you to where you need to be. Furthermore, because your personal life affects your work life and vice versa, our programs address both arenas of your life regardless of your focus – without being intrusive! Think about it – “Wherever you go, there you are!” In other words, once you have made adjustments based upon feedback of what is currently not working, those changes get internalized and thus manifest themselves at work, home and any other social setting you navigate.

Participants in all of our executive training programs represent a purposeful mix of experienced executives, managers and staff leaders from a broad range of organizations. In management leadership training programs, a mixture such as this has been shown to create the most robust outcome experiences and results. After all, and for an example, CFOs must work with others beyond the financial arena and throughout different levels within the organization.

Why Attend?

The success of The Leadership Trust®, as defined by our client's success, is derived from bridging theory (academic) and practicality (applied knowledge) and has evolved from thousands of hours of workshop with thousands of executives representing diverse backgrounds and industries since the 1990s while using multiple processes.

Our lessons learned and overall domain knowledge span numerous specializations including trust, business, emotional intelligence, communication, psychology, conflict resolution, ethics, social psychology, personality theories, 360° feedback, and self-awareness. All of these processes are leveraged as powerful tools within each workshop to address your unique needs and goals.

Finally, the personal gains are beyond the usual scope of leadership programs in general, with participants reporting eliminating a lifelong history of body tension (e.g., chronic headaches, back pain), emotional tension (e.g., anger management issues, psychotropic usage, whether anti-depressants or anti-anxiety, and writer's block), or combinations of the two (e.g., asthma attacks, stuttering). This underscores the trend we are currently seeing across prestigious medical centers who are espousing holistic, integrative medicine. It also embraces the latest quantum physics findings as they relate to physiology and neurophysiology (reported by the Wall Street Journal since the early 2000s). As such, this program can well be described as a holistic, integrative leadership development course.


Our executive training program and executive coaching services are located in the Triangle area of North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill). The consulting wing (teambuilding and organizational development projects) take place in whatever states or provinces our clients reside. Specific information regarding the location and accommodations will be provided at the time of initial inquiry or registration. Due to the nature of the program, participants are asked to reside at the hotel or conference center prescribed by The Leadership Trust® to obtain maximum benefits from the program.


Tuition: Starting in January, 2016, The Leadership Trust® raised its fee for the first time in a decade, from $6950 to $7500, of which the tuition is now $6000, which includes everything except transportation, breakfast and dinner. Check with us to see if you qualify for a scholarship, a partial scholarship, a scout rate, group rate, or special packet rate with payments over time without interest. This fee also includes 4 weeks of post-workshop accountability support, given research shows that it takes 21-30 days to jell a new behavior. Not only does each participant leave with an accountability partner, but he or she also has unlimited access to the program facilitator throughout this time.  These tuition-guaranteed workshops are purposefully small, typically less than 10, in support of an inordinate amount of one-on-one coaching throughout the program. This explains our tuition-guarantee, for which not a single graduate has ever requested even a partial refund since the inception of The Leadership Trust®.

Hard costs:  Currently our hard costs at $1500 reflect conference center rates (hotel accommodations, conference fees, snacks, mid-day meals), assessments, and materials (books and CDs). Our job is to work with you to make it financially possible for you to attend the program of your choice. Also, anytime we get a break from our vendors, we are known to pass this on to you, dollar-for-dollar.

The Tuition-Guarantee:  Upon completion of the 5-day program, and after having followed our registration requirements and program guidelines, including the time-sensitive deadlines, if you are not satisfied with your higher level of self-awareness, we will refund the tuition portion of your payment.

Ninety-eight percent of our participants have described this leadership training program as the best personal and professional development program they have ever experienced throughout their career, and we attribute this rating mainly to our intellectual property, but also due in part to our small group size residing at the prescribed conference center throughout the length of the Personalized Leadership Development Program™. This affords the necessary, intensive focus that explains the distinguishing nature of our graduates' testimonials. 

Contact us to register or learn more:  Call Rachel Pillsbury-Duyk, our Program Director, at 888.313.2570, or email her  Her job is to assist you in determining what would be most cost efficient for you. For example, representing a non-profit qualifies you for an automatic partial scholarship. The Leadership Trust® reserves the right to change the program cost, content, cancellation policy, dates, and agenda at any time.

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