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Our Graduates' Description of Their Workshop Environment

The following verbatim quotes come from our program graduates to describe their experience of their workshop environment into which they have entered. This affords you a sense of what we have created to support your change process and obtain your sought-after success as you would define it.

"Non-threatening atmosphere, non-judgmental attitude and behavior..."

"Each format was strategically placed to raise the probability of having a life-changing experience"

"I have never experienced such an environment that can provide the stimulus to change and grow"

"The open, safe environment combined with an insightful flow of experiential, right-brained... along with the academic practical business application"

"Camaraderie and friendships built amongst the team"

"You can't learn certain skills until you have mastered certain others. There is a necessary progression. In that vein...everything was necessary to gain what I was here to gain"

"[Until this workshop] I had never felt taken by the hand and being led to the 'fountain of truth'"

"The camaraderie of the team participants who direct and encourage and teach the learning process under the facilitator's leadership"

"The natural flow of the different components"

"The experiential components were simply powerful and extremely instrumental to my self-awareness and self-understanding."

"Processes allow [you] to get at root cause"

"Getting in alignment with my worth, and taking off those things that have devalued me in the past"

"Unusually safe environment"

"What I found especially beneficial in this unique feedback approach that the Trust uses was the positive atmosphere they created to give negative feedback. I was able to hear it without feeling defensive or criticized. As a manager of over 5,000 people, I had 360° feedbacks done in the past, but this was the first time I really heard what was being said."


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Personlized Leadership Development Program™

The Personalized Leadership Development Program™ is an intensive five-day leadership training program originally created by Drs. Farr and Latty-Mann while in partnership with the Institute for Executive Education at Wake Forest University's Babcock Graduate School of Management (now known as WFU Graduate Schools of Business). Following Jim Farr's death in June, 2000, The Leadership Trust®'s President Holly Latty-Mann held the position of Executive Professor of Leadership Development through September, 2001. Since that time, The Leadership Trust® has enjoyed sharing its unique approach to leadership development training with other educational institutions, perhaps most notably with the Fuqua School of Business, their Coach K Center of Leadership and Ethics at Duke University.

Our leadership training program is personalized and tailored to your unique needs and goals, and thus class size is limited to typically less than ten attendees who are seeking to enhance their credibility, visibility and presence in addition to enhancing their abilities to value, grow, motivate, and inspire their employees/associates/family members. This entails optimizing your personality or delivery system because if certain others who are important in your life do not like your style of communicating, you are already experiencing a leadership and/or personal crisis. People whom you wish to retain in both your professional and personal life have a need to feel valued as unique and special contributors.

Through this leadership training program you'll learn how to get people to want to follow and support your lead while contributing their motivated best. You will learn what you can do to have people feel good about themselves when interacting with you - even when receiving negative feedback from you. When people feel good about themselves around you, independent of whether conditions around you are stressful or not, they will give you their best. In short, it is not so much how others perceive you as a leader as it is how they perceive themselves in your presence. After all, that is the only way a person can ultimately feel good about you as their leader.

Through this personalized leadership development training program you'll learn to:

  • Use yourself as the instrument of your leadership; i.e., use your personality, perspective, and behavior to create the kind of humanistically powerful leadership traits that invigorate others,
  • Apply the principles of motivation to create effective, energized associates,
  • Learn what leadership style motivates Generations X and Y and what is demotivating about the old authoritarian style of leadership,
  • Understand and manage optimally the leadership process despite the nature of your pressing challenges,
  • Hone your emotional intelligence in order to maintain your competitive edge in our fast-shifting market place, and
  • Optimize your communication style through a personal transformational process such that others are more likely to connect meaningfully with you both at work and at home.

Again, it's about authenticity, and The Leadership Trust® goes so far as to say that authenticity is your birth right, and thus it is time for you to reclaim and recover it.

Who will join you in your Personalized Leadership Development Program™? Participants in this five-day leadership training program are purposefully a mix of experienced executives, managers and staff leaders from a broad range of organizations, a mixture that has been shown to create the most robust outcome experiences and results. After all, and for an example, CFOs must work with others beyond the financial arena and throughout different levels within the organization. This personalized leadership training program goes beyond what management training courses offer in that it uses special processes to promote a smooth and natural-feeling re-entry after the workshop.

Imagine yourself fully feeling like a leader rather than using up all that energy acting like one.

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