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Our Graduates' Description of Their Workshop Environment

The following verbatim quotes come from our program graduates to describe their experience of their workshop environment into which they have entered. This affords you a sense of what we have created to support your change process and obtain your sought-after success as you would define it.

"Non-threatening atmosphere, non-judgmental attitude and behavior..."

"Each format was strategically placed to raise the probability of having a life-changing experience"

"I have never experienced such an environment that can provide the stimulus to change and grow"

"The open, safe environment combined with an insightful flow of experiential, right-brained... along with the academic practical business application"

"Camaraderie and friendships built amongst the team"

"You can't learn certain skills until you have mastered certain others. There is a necessary progression. In that vein...everything was necessary to gain what I was here to gain"

"[Until this workshop] I had never felt taken by the hand and being led to the 'fountain of truth'"

"The camaraderie of the team participants who direct and encourage and teach the learning process under the facilitator's leadership"

"The natural flow of the different components"

"The experiential components were simply powerful and extremely instrumental to my self-awareness and self-understanding."

"Processes allow [you] to get at root cause"

"Getting in alignment with my worth, and taking off those things that have devalued me in the past"

"Unusually safe environment"

"What I found especially beneficial in this unique feedback approach that the Trust uses was the positive atmosphere they created to give negative feedback. I was able to hear it without feeling defensive or criticized. As a manager of over 5,000 people, I had 360° feedbacks done in the past, but this was the first time I really heard what was being said."


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Self Awareness Workshop


Please note the following two important qualifiers for the Self-Awareness Workshop:

  1. This workshop is subsumed within the Personalized Leadership Development Program (PLDP). Therefore, the PLDP registrants automatically receive the Self-Awareness Workshop as part of their program.
  2. It is also offered only to family members of our PLDP grads.

The Concept

Self-awareness is the key to a happy life and to highly effective leadership. Leadership prowess requires self-mastery. You must first learn to master and lead yourself before you can lead others. The first step in this entire process is self-awareness.

This unique leadership workshop engages your mind, body, and emotions in a way that makes it possible for you to experience yourself through others' eyes. While mainstream leadership development training offers a view of leadership in an objective manner (i.e., via readings, lectures, and movie clips), this leadership workshop is highly focused on you, the participant, such that you become the main star in the movie of your own life.

This is to say that it is easier to learn through this experiential leadership workshop how to become the best you rather than how to emulate someone else who is being held up as a model. After all, it's only when you are being yourself that others find you authentic.

The Basic Approach

You create your life according to the programs (beliefs) in your mind, both conscious and unconscious. Some of these "programs" are negative and self-sabotaging and operate automatically to interfere with the happiness and success you seek to create in your life. You cannot control that of which you are unaware. The crux of this leadership workshop is to bring those negative "programs" into awareness and under your control.

Negative programs are there in your subconscious because it is your basic nature to take control of them and to eliminate them from your life. You do this by pushing them into the unaware part of your mind. Unfortunately, what you don't know can and does continue to hurt you. Once you can bring those negative programs into your conscious mind, you can take action to change them. If you do not do so, they can, and in fact will, continue to operate unconsciously, and you will keep on doing what you have been doing and thus getting the same results.

The purpose of this leadership workshop is to enable you to bring those programs into awareness, so you can get their negative effects out of your life.

Your Mind - Your mind is a marvelous bio-computer, into which thousands of tapes, programs, and beliefs about life, leadership, love and survival are programmed. You are the programmer of your personality and the creator of the nature of your existence. Like most people, you unconsciously operate much of your life on automatic, as if all your programmed beliefs represent the absolute truth. You can reprogram your mind to negate negative outcomes and to create positives. This leadership workshop lets you examine how you constructed your own unique belief system that drives your behaviors, both positive and negative, thereby driving your profit margin and life satisfaction accordingly.

Your Body - How well you use your body, your health and your energy determines the degree to which you project positively charismatic impact. Most people are unaware of the limitations imposed by their unconscious stress and tensions that are held within their body. A simple way of putting this is that such stress can compromise in subtle ways - and not so subtle - your leadership effectiveness. It can undermine professional relationships that may otherwise represent your path to success. In this leadership workshop you will learn how to discover these subtle manifestations of your stress. Only then can you change in ways that will enable you to influence others more credibly and compellingly.

Your Emotions - Although some people believe that emotions are simply a natural part of their leadership expression and thereby naturally express themselves, others believe that there is no place for it in a work setting or in personal relationships. The fact is that emotions play an important and unavoidable part in how you create your life. Learn what is considered optimal use of emotion as well as how to control negative emotions such as anger. People too often give away their power through non-strategic use of their emotions. Many people in personal relationships and people in leadership roles lose the power to handle their emotions well because they are cut off from emotion to a degree that interferes with their ability to communicate well or project themselves in positive ways. This leadership workshop aims to help you learn how to use and control your emotions in support of your professional and personal purposes in life.

The Outcomes

Like the director of a movie about your life, you can direct your mind, your body, and your emotions in such a way as to put different behaviors out there other than what you have been doing, thereby optimizing others' experience of who you are. Of even greater importance, it optimizes others' experience of themselves as a result of interacting with you. Aside from impacting your personal life, our leadership development training will optimize the way you direct your mind beliefs, your emotions, and your body posturing and expressions which translates into greater credibility and esteem for you within the professional arena, greater satisfaction for your employees and clients, and greater retention, engagement, productivity and return on investment (ROI) for your company.

You will leave this leadership development training program with a plan, a psychological roadmap, such that you can optimize your leadership impact based on what you have created and experienced within your authentic self. This is another way of saying that you get back in touch with who you really are at the center of your being such that years of practicing an act no longer appeal to you because who you really are is so much better, real, and natural than any act could possibly be. You will find that your new leadership expression is the by-product of your recovered and re-discovered personality demeanor, and thereby generalize to those important relationships beyond your work setting, thus creating greater family harmony and social satisfaction.

And finally, because your own impact rarely goes unnoticed, it is likely that those people who play important roles in your life will also be interested in experiencing the same benefits by attending a later Self-Awareness Workshop. Whether that should include management team members, other professional partners, or personal contacts, you will find that through sharing a common conceptual framework and terminology along with a mutual responsibility for change, an even more transformational effect on all your relationship dynamics can be realized.

When looking for a total leadership development training program, self-awareness is crucial to optimizing relationships with those upon whom you depend most as well as the other way around.

Contact Rachel to register or inquire about a program.

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