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Our Graduates' Description of Their Workshop Environment

The following verbatim quotes come from our program graduates to describe their experience of their workshop environment into which they have entered. This affords you a sense of what we have created to support your change process and obtain your sought-after success as you would define it.

"Non-threatening atmosphere, non-judgmental attitude and behavior..."

"Each format was strategically placed to raise the probability of having a life-changing experience"

"I have never experienced such an environment that can provide the stimulus to change and grow"

"The open, safe environment combined with an insightful flow of experiential, right-brained... along with the academic practical business application"

"Camaraderie and friendships built amongst the team"

"You can't learn certain skills until you have mastered certain others. There is a necessary progression. In that vein...everything was necessary to gain what I was here to gain"

"[Until this workshop] I had never felt taken by the hand and being led to the 'fountain of truth'"

"The camaraderie of the team participants who direct and encourage and teach the learning process under the facilitator's leadership"

"The natural flow of the different components"

"The experiential components were simply powerful and extremely instrumental to my self-awareness and self-understanding."

"Processes allow [you] to get at root cause"

"Getting in alignment with my worth, and taking off those things that have devalued me in the past"

"Unusually safe environment"

"What I found especially beneficial in this unique feedback approach that the Trust uses was the positive atmosphere they created to give negative feedback. I was able to hear it without feeling defensive or criticized. As a manager of over 5,000 people, I had 360° feedbacks done in the past, but this was the first time I really heard what was being said."


Key in the sand
Self Awareness Workshop

Please note the following two important qualifiers for the Self-Awareness Workshop:

  1. This workshop is subsumed within the Personalized Leadership Development Program (PLDP). Therefore, the PLDP registrants automatically receive the Self-Awareness Workshop as part of their program.
  2. It is also offered only to family members of our PLDP grads.

The Self-Awareness Workshop is an intensive two and a half-day leadership training program available in weekend and weekday formats. This program is based on the concept that self-awareness is the key to a happy life and to a quiet kind of powerful leadership. Again, you must first learn how to master and lead yourself before you can lead others. The first step in this entire process is self-awareness. You will leave this program with a plan, a psychological roadmap, such that you can optimize your leadership impact as well as your personal relationships that exist beyond your work setting. Notice how many times the testimonials within this website mention the impact on one's home life, personal life, as a father, spouse, etc.

The Self-Awareness Workshop is not only self-contained, but it is also subsumed within the 5-day Personalized Leadership Development Program.

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This is one of only a few web sites that tells the truth: leadership starts with self-awareness. I'm glad to have found it.

Dee Willis, Graduate, Leadership Institute of Seattle.