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If you would have asked me prior to attending the PLDP did I think I would change my way of thinking, I'm sure I would have said "heck no!" In retrospect, I probably could be the poster child for this program. “I drank the kool-aid.” Before the program I considered my no-nonsense, driven style as part of how I showed dedication to my company. While my dedication now is every bit as strong if not stronger, I see evidence that my more relaxed demeanor is contributing to team dynamics that are more trust-based and cohesive. Every day I see proof that “less is more” – being LESS hard-driving equals MORE productive collaborating and higher morale for everyone including me. Additionally, I physically feel better. My back and shoulder pain from the stress I was carrying is now gone. My mind is calm and no longer constantly reeling from the simultaneous thoughts of "who, what, where, when and why" . PLDP has dramatically helped my home life in the sense that I am more patient and considerate with my spouse. My life is now peaceful.

Rachel Mitchell, Director of Client Development and Relations
Applied Medical Systems, Inc.