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Personalized Leadership Development Program

Our leadership training program is personalized and tailored to your unique needs and goals, and thus class size is typically restricted to an enrollment of less than 10 participants who are seeking to enhance their credibility, visibility, and presence in addition to enhancing their abilities to value, grow, motivate, and inspire their employees/associates/family members. This entails optimizing your personality or delivery system because if certain others who are important in your life are not responding in a positive manner to your style of communicating, you are already experiencing a leadership and/or personal crisis. People whom you wish to retain in both your professional and personal life have a need to feel valued and supported as unique and special contributors.
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Self Awareness Workshop

The Self-Awareness Workshop is an intensive two and a half-day leadership training program available in weekend and weekday formats. This program is based on the concept that self-awareness is the key to a happy life and to a quiet kind of powerful leadership. Again, you must first learn how to master and lead yourself before you can lead others.
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The Leadership Trust Vision

The Leadership Trust® is a for-profit organization established to train leaders through a highly personalized, self-awareness focus. Our areas of expertise include leadership development training, management leadership training, business communication training, and executive coaching. We provide a very unique executive leadership training program through our Personalized Leadership Development Program (PLDP) and our Self-Awareness Workshop (SAW). While our combinational vision/mission is to be and remain in the top 1% of leadership training providers in our country, our vision seeks the same distinction on a global level in view of our track record of high program satisfaction across all internationals who have attended these programs to date.

We further envision maintaining a record close to 100%, if not 100%, of training success based upon our clients' criteria of quality and cost and long-term results. Because of the one-on-one engagement involved, our workshops are typically limited to less than ten attendees which helps explain in part our current 98% rate of all past workshop graduates describing this program as the best workshop ever attended in their career for both personal and professional development.

Future, broad objectives for the establishment of a non-profit leadership organization by the founders of The Leadership Trust® and Board of Advisors:

  • To provide a membership organization for ongoing interaction and communication among professional leaders
  • To facilitate the defining of a Body of Knowledge and Standards of Training appropriate for certification of professional leaders
  • To facilitate the establishment of the American Professional Leadership Association
  • To work for necessary and appropriate government support and regulation of the leadership-element
  • To facilitate the formulation of a Leadership Code of Ethics and to create national acceptance of it in the minds of leaders and associates alike, and
  • To influence universities to provide, for those who enter the profession of leadership, a strong degree of management leadership training and business communication training. Such training should go well beyond the managerial leadership skills now taught and should place more emphasis on the development of the personal psychological qualities and skills of humanistically powerful interpersonal leadership.
  • We consciously acknowledge and thus practice ethical principles among all staff members within our leadership organization and thus incorporate ethics in how we approach developing leaders, which not only includes content but the delivery process itself.