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Personalized Leadership Development Program

Our leadership training program is personalized and tailored to your unique needs and goals, and thus class size is typically restricted to an enrollment of less than 10 participants who are seeking to enhance their credibility, visibility, and presence in addition to enhancing their abilities to value, grow, motivate, and inspire their employees/associates/family members. This entails optimizing your personality or delivery system because if certain others who are important in your life are not responding in a positive manner to your style of communicating, you are already experiencing a leadership and/or personal crisis. People whom you wish to retain in both your professional and personal life have a need to feel valued and supported as unique and special contributors.
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Self Awareness Workshop

The Self-Awareness Workshop is an intensive two and a half-day leadership training program available in weekend and weekday formats. This program is based on the concept that self-awareness is the key to a happy life and to a quiet kind of powerful leadership. Again, you must first learn how to master and lead yourself before you can lead others. Read more.

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What We Do

Putting it succinctly, we build leaders from the inside out, from a place within that holds promise for positive change to be both lasting and noticeably impactful. In addition to our highly acclaimed personalized leadership development programs, The Leadership Trust® offers customized on-site organizational development programs, leadership impact studies and corporate culture studies. We offer teambuilding training that can be on-site or off-site as well as executive coaching and executive life skills coaching.

You may be seeking executive leadership training from a developmental perspective, which may include being groomed for a promotion/succession planning or simply enhancing an already promising style. Or you may be seeking executive leadership training from an intervention perspective, which may include issues regarding interpersonal or people skills, self-confidence issues, morale and retention boosters, ethics, or some kind of strained or ineffectual communication style. Find out whether you – or the team members you have in mind – need support from either a leadership development or intervention perspective. Either way, you will find help within this site as well as through our seasoned, knowledgeable, caring staff.

In the event you may be seeking organizational development consulting or strategies for corporate teambuilding, these are customized processes and programs, and we therefore invite you to visit our Contact Us page so that you can alert us to respond to your special request.

But for those of you who seek a leadership training program that is tailored to your current needs and situation, the following represents what you can expect through our hallmark Personalized Leadership Development Program (PLDP), which includes the Self-Awareness Workshop. Both workshops were originally designed by the late Dr. Jim Farr (co-founding president of The Leadership Trust® and initial founding director of the Center for Creative Leadership) and broadened, extended and refined by his partner Dr. Holly Latty-Mann, both of whom are internationally recognized experts in leadership, self-awareness and interpersonal relationship dynamics.

You Can Accomplish and Expect the Following from Your Personalized Leadership Development Program:

You Create and Internalize a Personalized Leadership Action Plan: You leave with a tangible, clear action plan - a roadmap - of how to turn around that which is holding you back, much of which you are likely currently unaware. Your plan is individualized and successfully played out; thus you know how to take it out there and make it work.

Lasting Self-Awareness Approach: Leading with self-awareness includes recognizing and managing those behaviors that have the potential to undermine your strengths. Harvard Business Review (December, 2001) asserts "Leadership's First Commandment: Know Thyself...No tool can help a leader who lacks self-knowledge." Dr. Holly Latty-Mann has been referenced as the "Michelangelo of Self-Awareness". Please visit Testimonials

Ethical Principles Training: We consciously acknowledge and thus practice ethical principles among all staff members within our leadership organization and thus incorporate ethics in how we approach developing leaders, which not only includes content but the delivery process as well. In particular, we make ethics an integral part of our training based upon the teachings within our co-founding president’s book, Supra-conscious Leadership: New Thinking for a New World by James N. Farr, PhD.

Unique Corporate Teambuilding Training Process: Conventional approaches to corporate teambuilding training tend to rely on processes that often times can be experienced as contrived, thus producing a "scripted" demeanor. Our corporate teambuilding training program subtly draws its participants into a team within approximately 36 hours. Participants naturally and authentically connect during this corporate teambuilding training process and thus become highly motivated to engage in similar fashion upon their return to their respective organizations. While corporate teambuilding training is useful for everyone, teambuilding training is also an antidote for those who may be perceived as resisting workplace team playing.

You Leave with a Winning Delivery System: Your personality represents your delivery system, and if people like your delivery system, not only will they more likely support and follow your lead, but frankly, they will also enjoy working with you more and will thus represent you more favorably to others within and outside of your organization.

Unique 360°+ Approach: You get to experience yourself through others' eyes, which creates a compelling motivation to follow through and change accordingly. Because our program creates a safe environment where one's dignity is honored, our participants can hear negative feedback without a disabling defensive posture and thus feel compelled to make lasting change through the engagement of their subconscious, where the mechanisms of permanent change are housed.

Unmatched Expert Facilitation: Tweaking personalities at a depth to ensure lasting change is a highly psychologically-driven process. Dr. Latty-Mann is a Duke-trained, licensed psychologist with two doctorates. Our other change-agents/program facilitators are similarly credentialed and openly share their own past challenges and success path. You will experience our facilitators as human and authentic.

Unmatched Positive Participant Change: Permanent participant change in any program cannot take place without an accompanying emotion which can be felt as internal and private. You can expect to experience at least private emotions, and thus achieve lasting change. Research is very clear regarding the value of emotions in leadership dynamics, yet most leadership organizations tend to keep emotions at the cognitive level and thus mostly lecture on the value of emotions. Thinking one's emotions is not the same as experiencing them, the latter of which is a prerequisite for long-term, positive change. Emotional intelligence is at the heart of self-awareness and meaningful human interconnections.

Unmatched Success Ratio: Visit our testimonials page to appreciate how over 98% of our PLDP graduates (names, titles, companies) rate their workshop experience as the best ever for both personal and professional development.

Go ahead and envision your own testimony of change, if not that of someone you wish to grow and support. When you visit our testimonials page, envision your name there along with the testimonial of your own choosing based upon what you want to experience as a result of your participation. By following the format of the workshop, you have every right to expect this change.

Objectives, Accountability Components and Other Program Offerings:

We build into our programs a 30-day accountability component in answer to the research that asserts permanent change takes between 21 and 30 days following self-awareness training. This post-workshop experience gels a more purposeful, fulfilled and self-directed life.

In order to support those who want more for themselves or something more for their family members or simply more of the same past workshop experiences, we offer:

  1. refresher courses for our graduates as well as
  2. relationship courses for them with their spouse or partner,
  3. self-awareness workshops for their family members, and
  4. next-step customized programs.

We provide problem-solving organizational development consulting for leaders dealing with on-the-job challenges. As mentioned above, our on-site organizational development consulting activities include leadership impact studies, corporate teambuilding training, corporate culture studies and both executive coaching and executive life skills coaching.

Our objective is your personal transformation. Your most potent leadership tool is your "self" or your personality, which is why leadership begins in your mind and personality.

It is also why leadership prowess requires self-mastery. You must first learn how to master and lead yourself before you can lead others. The first step in this entire process is self-awareness, because the degree to which you optimize both your image and impact on others is reflected by the degree to which you are aware of how you make best use of your personality's three avenues of expression - your mind, body, and emotions. The fourth dimension of this holistic approach - the master avenue - is introduced the first night of the Personalized Leadership Development Program and is the power behind the interconnections among your mind, body, and emotions thereby establishing itself as the cornerstone to personal and professional transformation, thereby making your workplace and family home inviting and fun. Because work affects home and vice versa, this translates into higher morale, productivity, revenue and inner peace.

Why The Leadership Trust®? The Case for Leadership Development

Only 15% of an employee's career success is the result of expertise. 85% is the result of interpersonal skills. SHRM
8 out of 10 workers are ready to jump ship and search for greener pastures. CNN Money and SHRM Survey
2 out of 3 bosses are unhappy in their jobs and want to leave when the job market picks up. CNN Money and SHRM Survey
Saratoga Institute reports that 80% of turnover is related to unsatisfactory relationships with the boss.

These are leadership issues, not management issues. These statistics represent a small sampling of others we would like to share with you and other key players in your organization. More importantly, we offer you documentary evidence that our specialized, personalized leadership training programs provide you with the solution to these aforementioned leadership issues.

Let us put you in touch with past participants who can tell you what we do, how they were impacted, and how they were able to impact not only their organization's bottom line through higher productivity, morale and retention rates, but also their relationships at work and at home. We also welcome invitations to speak to your senior management team in person.